Spring is here...buy new or buy used???

A lot of folks have been asking me what the deal is with used vehicle prices going up, so I felt compelled to give an answer. Supply and demand. The supply on used cars has diminished drastically due to people keeping cars longer and instead of trading in; they buy second and third units keeping their old vehicle. Hence the demand is up yet a smaller grouping of cars available has lent to prices going up nationally at about 1.9% We buy our units at the very best price and are able to stifle this fact to a certain point. Thing is, not all dealerships have been able to keep pace and keep their costs down. I know here in Hinesville we have had a wave of used car shoppers and a smaller group of new car shoppers. 
Last year I bought a new vehicle for the express purpose it was rated high (2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee) and had a solid rebate on it that I could use being as I was upside down in my trade. The interest rate on a new vehicle was well below that of it's used counterpart. Being as I owed a little bit on my trade I decided the best course of action was to trade my vehicle in and take advantage of the rebates to counter some of the negative equity I was carrying. Folks, plain and simple; it's easier to get into a new vehicle. Banks look at it and see it as a safer choice with new vehicles having warranty and no to low miles. My recommendation to people out there who are upside down in their trade to look for the rebates. This will help you close the gap from what you owe to what your vehicle is worth making your situation better and more workable. We are here to help you and want to sell you exactly what you want, but to be completely honest there are times where a bank simply says no...we won't let you carry over that much money. Day by day, your trade is worth less and less. Don't wait a month and sit on the decision. Rebates change every month so take advantage while they are high.  I hope this sheds some light on why dealerships offer up alternative new models and or recommending people go new. REBATES! Plain and simple. It's not because we don't want to sell you something. We love our vehicles; they are great vehicles. But we don't love them sitting on our lot. We would love to sell you all of them and any. There is one way to do business, and that's the honest way. Hope everyone has a great week. God Bless.
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