How would it feel to have luxury and not break the bank doing it you ask? Durango...thats how.

This has been an up and down year in the auto industry. Many makes and models were reintroduced for 2011 that people had been asking about since production had stopped a few years before. Namely the Dodge Durango.
 Recently I had the opportunity to drive the Durango to a "Growing my Business class" in Raleigh, North Carolina. My boss told me I should take the Durango our finance manager had been driving. Let me tell you. I thought I'd just been given the keys to the palace. This SUV was not only spacious inside but very comfortable to take long trips in as well. Instrumentation was appealing especially at night. I couldn't help but notice everyone breaking their necks for a glimpse at what I was driving. Bear in mind I was driving the R/T model Durango that is right below the Durango's top of the line model Citidel, but non the less quite impressive. I took a look at the long list of features this Durango was equipped with and took a mental note that it not only was just as well equipped as a Mercedes I previously owned but was also about 10,000 cheaper as well. The thing that stuck in my mind however was the great fuel economy and performance. I wouldn't have dared to try towing anything more then a small U haul trailer with the Benz. This Durango however has a towing capacity of 7500 lbs!!! Thoughts were evoked of the Durango being chained to the Ford Explorer and Fords product being pulled away. In closing I just wanted to say that this new Durango is nothing like the previous Durango in any manner shape way or form. It bares the same name but is light years ahead of its predecessor. Come on in and see why the Durango is the top Crossover SUV on the market today. You won't be sorry. (In fact your only question will likely be..."where do I sign?")
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